Why Tree Thrasher

The Problem With Calls

Hunters have been using deer calls for years and years. We’ve all had times when those calls have been effective. But we’ve also had times when they weren’t. There are so many factors that effect whether or not a call will be affective at luring in a deer. No matter what, the harder an area is pressured the less likely a mature animal will want to come into range at the sound of a call. When you just use a grunt tube or rattling antlers, you aren’t including all the sounds that a deer would normally hear. If a deer is grunting, they are often moving around. In the woods when a deer moves, they are going to rustle leaves. If a buck is making a rub and a scrape, he will be making the sound of thrashing a tree and stroking the ground. If bucks are fighting, they will be making a lot of sound while moving around. If you want to really mimic exactly what a deer would be expecting to hear, you need a call that can make all those other sounds.

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Introducing the Tree Thrasher

The Tree Thrasher helps you make your calling sequences extremely realistic. With the Tree Thrasher you can easily mimic the sound of leaves rusting as a deer walks through the woods or makes a scrape, you can mimic the sound of a buck rubbing a tree, and you can mimic the sound of a branch breaking. There are a lot of great calling sequences you can do with the Tree Thrasher on its own, but it also works great in tandem with other calls. Your calling sequences will be next level realistic with the Tree Thrasher.

The Tree Thrasher produces extremely realistic sounds, is durable, and is super easy to use. Hundreds of hours went into developing the Tree Thrasher so that it would perfectly imitate the wild! Many different materials were tested for the leaf noise. Many different woods were tested for the branch breaking sound. The Tree Thrasher went through many design iterations before it came to the place where it is today. The Tree Thrasher was also built with usability and durability in mind. Its built of the highest quality material and is super initiative to use.


How To Use The Tree Thrasher

Producing the actual sounds that the Tree Thrasher can make is very easy. For a leaf noise, simply pull out and then push in on the Tree Thrasher like an accordion. To make the sound of a buck rubbing a tree, simply rub the teeth of the Tree Thrasher on the bark of a tree. To make the sound of a branch breaking, simply flick back the clip on the Tree Trasher and let the clip hit against the small wooden piece on the call.

Calling Sequences

There are many different calling sequences you can do with the Tree Thrasher. Here is a list of some different calling sequences with some tips.

  • Walking - If you want to get good at the right intervals for deer walking sounds, watch deer with how they move. You’ll notice they often stop to check their surroundings.
  • Grunting + Walking - Mixing a grunt with the walking sound can be a great sequence to use.
  • Bleating + Walking - Mixing a doe bleat with a walking sound is a great sequence for during the rut.
  • Making a Scrape - when you make a scrape you’ll use all 3 sounds that the Tree Thrasher can do: leaves rustling, branches breaking, and antlers rubbing. Keep in mind that deer usually don’t do one particular motion for more than 15 seconds. They are always pausing to check their surroundings.
  • Walk + Scrape + Grunt - there are limitless combinations you can do with a Tree Thrasher and a grunt tube. A great sequence is a buck walking to a tree. Then pause. Then rub the tree a little and make the sound of the buck thrashing branches and scraping the ground. Then wait a little while an throw out a grunt.

As you make different calling sequences, just remember to not overcall and never sound the exact same twice in one hunt.



Can the Tree Thrasher be used on its own?
Yes, Tree Thrasher is very effective as a standalone call. Deer are very curious animals. If they hear another deer nearby, they will often come check it out. When a deer is making noises like making a scrape or walking slowly, it indicates that they are relaxed in their environment. Deer can often come in very calm to the Tree Thrasher call.

Does the Tree Thrasher call in does?
Yes, the Tree Thrasher is effective at both calling in bucks and does.

Can the Tree Thrasher be used for turkey hunting?
Yes, the Tree Thrasher is perfect for turkey hunting in the woods. Making a rustling leaf noise has long been a very effective technique for calling in turkeys. One big advantage of using the Tree Thrasher is you can make leaf rustling noises with very minimal movement.

Is the Tree Thrasher effective from a ground blind?
Yes, the Tree Thrasher works very well from a ground blind.

Can you overuse the Tree Thrasher?
Yes, just like any call, the Tree Thrasher can be overused. With calling less is often more. Always change up your sequences so that you never sound the same each time.