Imitate the Wild with the Ulimate 3-IN-1 Deer Call. Coming this summer!

  • Sound Like A Real Deer

    The Tree Thrasher helps you mimic real sounds deer make in the woods.

The Ultimate 3-IN-1 Deer Call

Calling in pressured whitetails can be a challenge, especially big mature whitetails that have survived encounters with hunters. Pressured deer can become call leery if the call doesn’t include all the natural sounds of the wild. The Tree Thrasher is the perfect tool to perfect your calling realism and to attract even the most timid bucks. Tree Trasher helps you imitate the wild!

The Tree Thrasher is the ultimate 3-in-1 deer call. Easily mimic the sound of leaves rustling as a deer walks through the woods or makes a scrape, mimic the sound of a buck rubbing a tree, and mimic the sound of a branch breaking. The Tree Thrasher works perfectly in tandem with a grunt tube to complete the ultimate, realistic calling sequence. Attracts both bucks and does.