A Call Years In The Making

The Tree Thrasher was invented by hunting guru Todd Pringnitz. Todd was not your average deer hunting. Todd bow hunted for over 30 years and had an intense passion for bow hunting whitetails. As a product engineer Todd was also passionate about inventing products that helped hunters like himself solve every day problems and give hunters an advantage in the field.

Todd realized that to call in the big mature bucks you can’t sound like a hunter. If you spook the animals you are chasing by calling too aggressively with the wrong calls; you simply educate the bucks. Todd strived to call like a deer actually sounds and to become "one of the herd" so to speak. While he has had incredible success with his calling techniques over the years, he knew he was missing a tool for calling pressured whitetails. He saw the need for a different kind of call. Something that didn't spook big bucks, or any other deer for that matter.

One thing Todd noticed over the many years of hunting is bucks that feel safe in their environment they make noise. They make scrapes and rubs and they thrash trees. Todd believed that if you could re-produce those sounds, you could fool big bucks into range that would normally be un-callable. This started Todd on a journey of trying to create a product that could make all those natural deer sounds.

For 3 years Todd worked on the Tree Thrasher product and it went through many renditions during that time. Much care was put into getting a realistic leaf rustling sound and branch breaking sound. Another major goal was to create something durable, light, and user friendly. The end result was quite an achievement in product design and sound authenticity.

todd buck

Todd began to use the Tree Thrasher in his hunts and called in mature bucks on several occasions. His theory was exactly correct. Mature bucks are attracted to calling sequences that actually sound like a deer and not a hunter!

Sadly Todd passed away in a tragic accident in 2019. His mission to deliver the Tree Thrasher to whitetail hunters across the country came to a standstill. However, in early 2023 Tree Thrasher was acquired by Fourth Arrow, the makers of Fourth Arrow Camera Arms, Final Rest Shooting Systems, and Wyndscent. At Fourth Arrow its our goal to make the most innovative hunting products on the market. We are excited to have the opportunity to pick up where Todd left off. The Three Thrasher will be available coming the summer of 2023! Sign up to get notified of availability.

The Tree Thrasher is one of a kind, innovative deer call unlike anything on the market. If you want to make your calling extremely realistic, make sure to stay tuned for the release of the Tree Thrasher this summer.