Tree Thrasher 3-In-1 Deer Call

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  • Tree Thrasher 3-In-1 Deer Call/Turkey Call


  • Imitate the sound of a deer walking through the woods
  • Imitate the sound of a buck making a scrape
  • Imitate the sound of a buck making a rub
  • Weighs just under 5 oz
  • Compact 4" design fits in your pocket

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The Ultimate 3-IN-1 Deer Call

Calling in pressured whitetails can be a challenge, especially big mature whitetails that have survived encounters with hunters. Pressured deer can becomecall leeryif the call doesn’t include all thenatural sounds of the wild. The Tree Thrasher is the perfect tool to perfect your calling realism and to attract even the most timid bucks. Tree Trasher helps youimitate the wild!

The Tree Thrasher is the ultimate 3-in-1 deer call. Easily mimic thesound of leaves rustlingas a deer walks through the woods or makes a scrape, mimic thesound of a buck rubbing a tree, and mimic thesound of a branch breaking. The Tree Thrasher works perfectly in tandem with a grunt tube to complete theultimate, realistic calling sequence. Attracts both bucks and does.

Not Just A Deer Call

The Tree Thrasher not only makes a super effective deer call, but it also works great for turkeys as well. Sometimes its takes just a little extra to get those toms that hang up to come in. Making the sound of a turkey scratching the ground in the leaves can be a super effective tool in the turkey woods.

Sound Like A Deer Walking Or Making A Scrape

With the Tree Thrasher you can perfectly mimic the sound of rustling leaves as a deer walks through the woods or makes a scrape. 

Sound Like a Buck Rubbing a Tree

Making the sound of a buck making a scrape is super easy with the Tree Thrasher. Simply rub the Tree Thrasher up and down on a tree. 

Sound Like A Buck Breaking a Branch

When bucks make scrapes, they often will break twicks as they thrash trees. With the clip on the Tree Thrasher you can mimic the sound of a branch breaking. 

Why Tree Thrasher?

What makes Tree Thrasher so effective at calling in deer? How do you use the Tree Thrasher? Learn all about it here!

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Roy Diehl
OMG! I Love it!

I can’t put this thing down! It is the best gimmick on the market! This hands down works. I called in Multiple spikes with this and shot them all! It’s all I use I absolutely love it! This could have been $2500 and I’d have gotten it! This even gets the land owner Liz riled up and on the move. I have a ginger buddy who I’m going to buy 3 for to have under his tree! There is Sex! Drugs! Rock and roll and then there is the tree thrasher. Not only does this get the deer; but when the woman find out you have this they just plain and simple want your body. Even the kid Adeez next door has one. Love it and adeez


This is going to be a game changer for me in the woods! Excited for all the features this has! So excited to put it to use this fall. Everything sounds so realistic!

Average Hunter TV
The leave crunching sounds unreal

Just received mine and have been playing with it all day. The leave crunching sounds so realistic. I’ve had plenty of deer hear me heading to my stand before and come in grunting or sneak in to check me out so I’m excited to give this a try to actually mimic a deer walking. Rating 4 starts cause I hate paying for shipping lol… can’t wait to use it come late October

Scott Nielsen
Thrasher Closes The Deal On Big Bucks

My son got a Thrasher years ago, and at first it appeared to be a gimmick. Nothing is further from the truth. Using a grunt call alone isn’t enough for a mature buck. The sound of a deer walking on leaves through the woods drives the big boys wild when combined with the grunt call. We’re convinced it doubles the odds of a successful encounter. It definitely adds excitement to the hunt. Glad that they are back!

Love this thing

Absolutely love this call. I purchased my original one from Todd a few years back. I've used it with great success in the deer woods. Definitely has made a big difference with calling in mature bucks.